What process will take place?

Individuals interested in starting mental health, nutrition, or medical services at the Omni Nutrition and Wellness Center will follow these 4 steps:

Click here or call the clinic directly at 402-333-0898 and speak with our Office Manager to complete a referral for services. We will obtain your insurance information at that time and schedule you for an initial intake assessment.

We will contact your insurance provider directly to verify benefits and coverage information. This information can help you to make informed decisions regarding your care.

An evaluation will be conducted by a Licensed Therapist, Registered Dietitian, and/or an APRN to determine which services are recommended for you. Individuals and, when appropriate, their families, participate in the initial evaluation. A specialized treatment plan will be developed based on the comprehensive evaluation.

We will contact you and discuss treatment recommendations and schedule an initial session. We will advise at that time if any medical clearance or additional information is needed to begin services and discuss any other necessary steps that must be taken prior to starting services.

*Please be aware, most health insurance plans and Medicaid are accepted. Insurance companies may require concurrent review of your medical record. Omni Inventive Care will work with your insurance company to provide necessary information, however, we have no control over the outcome of these insurance reviews and payment is not guaranteed by your insurance carrier upon final billing.*

Omni Nutrition & Wellness Center

8715 Oak St., Omaha, NE 68124

Phone: 402-333-0898

Fax: 402-333-0988

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