Inventive integrated care solutions

Omni works with individuals who have a significant impairment. Frequently it’s a behavioral or mental health impairment, and usually the impairments are layered and complex. We have found our niche working with people who have the most challenging and complex needs.

We started Omni to better treat the whole person and keep our clients with their families and living in our community whenever possible. We stick to those principles, and we fight for them — not allowing politics or a need for fundraising to get in the way. Reviewing the most current research, we analyze our own existing practices and find fresh inspiration for new programs. We frequently pilot inventive programs as we attempt to answer unmet needs within the community and create better solutions than currently exist. We are driven to do what’s right for our community, and that means making sure every person is empowered with a sense of dignity when they partner with us for care.


Created in 1993, Omni is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-integrated behavioral health organization that provides a wide array of services throughout Nebraska. Omni has been accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) as a Behavioral Healthcare Organization since 1995.

Research and Leadership

The leadership of Omni Inventive Care strongly advocates for the use of empirically-based treatment for all persons receiving care through any of our services. Research evidence suggests that youth and family clients have the best mental and behavioral healthcare outcomes when providers utilize empirically-supported treatments and interventions. It is within this framework that Omni collaborates with local, state, and national governments regarding behavioral health care, social policy considerations associated with community-based services, and issues related to the system of care.