Supporting a Quality Life: Integration, Inclusion, and Contribution

Presented by Peter Leidy and Amy Price

Help individuals with intellectual/development disabilities find meaningful work! This interactive, and thought-provoking workshop is an opportunity to learn, think, and work together around ways to enhance the well-being of adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

We use words like “empowerment,” “choice,” and “community” and often struggle to live up to these goals. How can individuals be supported to experience real inclusion? How do we move from less integrated to most integrated settings for people to thrive? How do we support people not only to have jobs, but careers? What can we do to find more joy for people we support–and for ourselves? Every person should be supported to live a meaningful life of their choice. It can be a challenge to see the practical application. We will share insights and strategies that have been shown to support people of all abilities to find good careers.

There’s much talk about supporting all people to find employment, and we believe this to be a vital component of a full and meaningful life! In this workshop, we will pay particular attention to how people spend their day, focusing on work, and the ways people supported can contribute, earn money, and make a difference in their communities.

Participants will leave with some practical strategies to support more integrated lives. This workshop is intended for direct support professionals, service providers, EFH providers, paraprofessionals, foster parents, supervisors, individuals with disabilities, and anyone who works with individuals with disabilities.

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