Smoking Cessation

Presented by Candice Lee

This module contains a 25 minute webinar on facts and resources regarding individuals with disabilities smoking and its impact on physical and mental health. In addition, it contains links to resources and websites focused on treatment of smoking cessation. At the end of this module there is a 13 question exam regarding the information contained in the module. Participants must view all components of the module including the webinar, links and the exam. Participants must complete the exam with 100% accuracy in order to obtain 1 mental health practice or social work continuing education credit.

Through this module you will meet the following objectives:

  • Understand barriers for individuals with disabilities to quit smoking. 
  • Ways to provide support to individuals with disabilities who would like to reduce their smoking.
  • Resources available to individuals with disabilities who would like to quit smoking.
  • Identify characteristics of individuals with disabilities who smoke.
  • Impacts of smoking on physical and mental health of individuals with disabilities.
  • The implications of psychotropic medications and smoking for individuals with disabilities.The stigma attached to individuals with developmental disabilities that smoke.
  • Therapeutic interventions and ways of communicating with individuals with disabilities about smoking and the impacts of smoking on their physical and mental health.
  • Application of behavioral principals needed in addressing smoking cessation treatment for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

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