Understanding Co-Occurring Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness

Presented by Susan Reay, Ed.D, LICSW

This webinar reviews dual diagnosis, intellectual disability criteria, developmental disability criteria, general intellectual functioning, adaptive behavior, mental illness, and problematic behavior. It also reviews the differences between mental illness and problematic behavior, as well as the risk factors specific to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for developing mental illness. This webinar highlights assessment and diagnostic challenges regarding mental illness in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Signs/symptoms of depression, mania, anxiety, impulse control disorders, and psychosis are compared and contrasted between individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Lastly, this webinar reviews effective caregiver responses and various treatment options, such as psychopharmacology (i.e., medication), psychotherapy/counseling, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), and other treatment approaches (e.g., nutrition and exercise; support groups; psychoeducation; art, music, and dance therapy; equine therapy; occupational and physical therapy; and speech therapy).

This webinar meets the criteria for 1 CEU for Licensed Mental Health Practitioners and a Certificate of Attendance for CEU will be forwarded to the email address entered during registration upon successful completion of the webinar and quiz.

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