Kendal has worked with youth and families who experience behavioral and emotional problems, both in group home settings and in therapeutic foster care.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and her Master’s degree in Human Services from Bellevue University.  Kendal is active in the Family Focused Treatment Association in Nebraska.    

She was the coordinator for four group homes in the Omaha area for 12 years.  Kendal developed the foster care program at Omni 25 years ago, initially focusing on rural areas in Eastern Nebraska.  The program now serves about 120 youth and families in Nebraska.  The program continues to grow and expand to include all levels of foster care youth from low needs to much higher needs youth.  On the lower level, Omni works to license relative and kinship homes in order to provide the necessary support to those families.  High need youth are placed in well trained foster homes with usually no other or one other youth.  Additional services are provided to the foster parent including a larger stipend, as well as services for the youth including therapy and behavior management.  Omni has been successful in meeting the needs of these more involved youth and continues to expand this program.